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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mothering Young Children (a guest post)

 It amazes me how fast time passes. I still feel like the alone and scared little nine year old girl searching for Jesus, but I now have man size boys looking to me for life's answers. I am also becoming that woman in the grocery store who stops the frazzled young mom and tells them to cherish every moment.... it goes so fast. I get it because along side my man sized boys, I also have two little little boys and I don't cherish time with them enough. It all goes so fast and there is so much to do.

What I want to share with you today is a message that a dear mentor of mine has been telling me for 10 plus years..You see, for the past 17 years I have had a child under five in my care. 17 years. I am so blessed. I know that. I am also so tired and watching others "accomplishing" many many things that aren't possible for me in this season.

Jane is a dear friend of mine. She knows many things about many things and is always one step ahead of me in life. Her little ones are 3 boys:  one out of the nest and married, one 20, one 16, and one 13 year old daughtter. She blogs over at Java Janes
and has this to share with our mothering hearts:

Is your tea hot or cold?

So, how many times last month did you get to sit down and rest? How many times did you try only to be called away by an important need? You take care of the problem, and come back to find your tea cold in the cup…

Hmm, chances are you have young children. The younger they are, the more the interruptions it seems. It seems so long ago to me that I’ve had babies and toddlers running around. My kids are 11, 14, 18, and 19, way past baby size. I remember so well older Moms telling me “enjoy these years, they go by so quickly” and while I now know they were right, it really didn’t help much at the time. So, how to enjoy your cup of tea with babies and toddlers? That is what you really need. One thing I did is nurse my little ones. It forced me to sit down and rest. I would use that time to snuggle everyone up and read together. It made a good rest time. So, if you have a nursing baby, give that rest break a try. If you bottle feed, guard it as a rest time. Don’t delegate it to someone else, use it as your rest and snuggle time too! Since your tea has turned cold, throw in some ice and still have your tea break (you won’t burn your little ones with this method).

I get lots of questions about how I home schooled with babies and toddlers. What did I do with them when I was schooling the others? I guess my answer is that I didn’t do anything with them. Home schooling for our family is not separate from being our family. It is part of how we do life, so the babies and toddlers were just included in what we do. If we were reading, they were listening. If we were writing, they had age appropriate writing tools. If we were doing art, so were they. Chances are your school age children are still young as well, and so all of your children are eagerly learning through exploring the outdoors, hearing tons of good books, doing lots of fun experiments, growing gardens, field trips, caring for animals, etc. Hmm, every wonder what they see down there from their view?

So, my challenge this month, continue your tea breaks (hot or cold) and add enjoying a couple of your children’s adventures this month with a child-like wonder. Try it; let me know how it goes
link to Janes blog:


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello dear friends

Hello Dear friends:

I dont know why it has been so long. I dont want to start every new post with an apology.

This season has been busy and hard. The very things that I am thankful for: my husband, children, big beautiful home, ability to speak up and loudly...those very things that I am thankful for and believe that God has gifted me with. Man, have they been kicking my butt.

I have some reviews to share and some exciting new curicullium tol tell you about." target="_top">
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Some gardening projects in the works.

Many many failings and heartbreak that maybe I can protect you from.

Many of my struggles and growth have been in direct personal relationships. I havent figured out how to share those here.

My daughter is now 13. She went from a little girl with big bows to a young woman using my eye makeup without permission. My oldest will be graduating from highschool this year, is working on his Eagle rank in Boys Scouts. Another son is having severe bowel issues and many trips to the ER for rectal prolapse. What to do? Why is this happening? How do we pay for this?

I'm considering going gluten free. Where do I begin? Anyone want to hold my hand through this and lead us on a blog tutorial?

I have been buying food in bulk and have many handy dandy buckets with gamma lids neatly concealed in my living room. I have been wanting to share them with someone!

I am still here and appreciate your patience. Please dont give up on me, not just yet.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Deal Alerts for April 16th....American Girl Magazine!

Today only get one year of American Girl magazine for $16.00 on this site with coupon code: AMERGIRL4

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Palm Sunday and Easter Crunch time

Palm Sunday. There is nothing like Good Friday in a Catholic Church. Nothing like it. The despair. The sacrifice. Everything draped in black, crucifix down off the wall...It all makes one realize the glory of Easter Sunday so much more.

Then theres Palm Sunday:  The day that Jesus was treated like a King and worshiped. Riding a donkey. Humbly condescending down to us and coming into OUR fallen world. the King of Kings. HERE. And worhsiped, in our way and just for that day. Must have been a sigh, a breath in preparation for the act that would change our lives forever. For eternity. The sacrifice that we couldn't give. The gift that we couldn't give ourselves that made life in eternity possible. For people like me and you.

All I can think about is how Easter got here so quickly.

Are you ready for Easter?  It has really snuck up on me this year!! Not only is it coming earlier than Id like, but a nasty stomach flu went through our family for a few weeks.

I like to have our family devotionals underway by now. We have been using the Resurrection Eggs and devotional since our oldest were little (around 14 years.) Except that last year, when they were supposed to be tucked away safely, they were discovered by a little one and emptied. To where I do not know.

I started to decorate our mantle:

Still really really lovin' this banner two years later. I leave it up through the Summer:)

I have been pinning and planning on my Pinterest"Easter"  Board

I have been *thinking* about eggs. I wrote HERE a few years ago about how we color our eggs naturally..

And found a great printable to frame around the house:.....

Another hang up for me, and I hate this is that I haven't filed our taxes yet. That is new for me and I usually have a little extra money to work with by now, for:  a small gift in Easter baskets, a new tie or dress from Goodwill, some fun food on Easter Sunday....This year I'm going to need to be EXTRA creative.

I'm reminded of a few years back. Our daughter was at that weird cusp between little little kid and big kid and having a really hard time with sugar. Money was tight and I hadn't even thought about Easter baskets. The only thing seasonal we had done was decorate paper Easter eggs for the wall at Trader Joes. My daughter came to me and really really sweetly asked if she would get an Easter basket that year. hadn't planned on it and it was Good Friday and it would take some maneuvering to get her things that weren't high sugar and there was nowhere in town. I just stared at her. Then I got a phone call from Trader Joes. Turns out that those eggs we decorated were an entry into a contest to win an Easter basket filled with fun foods. Guess who won? My daughter! My husband was working that day out of town, same town as Trader Joes and was able to pickup her basket. God is so good. He knew that was important to her before I did and did better than I would have been able to.

So....what to put in baskets (or piles) this year....

HERE are some great ideas of what to put in plastic eggs besides candy and plan scavenger hunts etc...good stuff.

One of my biggest hangups is spending money that we don't have to buy things we don't need because it is a Holiday. Yet one of my biggest desires it to create memories and celebrate life with my children. See the turmoil in my thinking? ;) 

****edit, and for my "Easter basket" this little gift:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Social Media (come join me)

I haven't meant to slow down blogging--I think the reason that I have slowed down is due to the time that Im spending on  Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook:) That and sharing a computer with two teens.

Are you on Instagram?

Come follow me! I am CaMomto5
There are so many beautiful things around us and so much joy that can be captured with just a quick picture. I have found it a truly neat way to connect with others and share joy. There is a great community there.

Do you use Pinterest?

It works for me!
I have heard a lot of complaints about it wasting time or making you feel inadequate.
For me it has been just the opposite. I have always "meant to" tear pages out of magazines (I have many stacks) and remember all the webistes that I may need later. Pinterest was just the help I needed. Being electronic it doesnt cause any clutter in our home and frees up mental space for me. Kudos all around!! Apparently, I have much better taste and ideas than the time. talent and money to complete them. Soo, for now: I PIN :)

Is there anyone NOT onFacebook?

Facebook is another thing that others complain sucks time but for me has been a timesaver. I'd like to get more conversations going on the Having a Hallelujah Good Time page. When I see a great deal or want to share a quick link, it is so much easier for me to quickly post on Facebook then to write up a blog post.

How has social media helped you? Any time saving tips?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello! and some Good Deals to share

Hello there all.

We officially started school up yesterday. Christmas is all packed away (and all over the loft) I sat my two littlest down for a Kindergarten lesson and questioned when was too early for a good, stiff drink. Don't fret, I realized that was not a good idea: took some deep deep breathes and made some Christmas clearance coffee:)

My teens slept until lunchtime yesterday and today. I think vacation was too good to us.

My husband hurt his shoulder. Which hurt his neck and back. He's in terrible pain and work is getting harder and harder. Meanwhile, I'm trying to balance overdue bills and figure out a "solution." (sigh)

I did come accross a great deal on a neccessity! Most of us need this and need to buy it consistently but dont always think about it. Did you see the Extreme Cheapskates where the cute little family used reusable toilet paper? I really liked her and read through her blog but now I cant find it to link up...

Man I digress! This is how our day is going:)

Here's the great deal:

clip the coupon at the bottom of the screen and choose subscribe and save (you can change at any time) and you will get...

48 double rolls for $20.50 and not have to remember to buy toilet paper

I was trying to find magazines that I want and had a really hard time THEN I remembered this beaut


now on sale at Tanga for $3.99 (today only)

see Frugal Mind's post

I think my "blogging minute" has passes: There are markers EVERYWHERE and they are now climbing on the dining room table.

God bless!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Seasonal Decorating?

If you were to ask me if I decorate, I'd answer "no" and whine something about money or time or ability....Yet, I was looking over pictures of our front mantle and she keeps changing:

Come to think of it so does the furniture surrounding the fireplace...I also noticed that I don't like most of these pictures and that every year the scape gets a little better:) I guess this is working for me.
My deep question for today is when do you decorate for Valentine's Day?
A Season I get: there is a start and a finsiha nd you shoot for somewhere around there and it builds. But when the Holiday is a one day thing....Do we start in early February? Do I just start now? I'm feeling that I'm both jumping the gun and behind...
What sorts of things do you do to celebrate Valentines Day around the house? Any traditions or things to share?