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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

Are things easier for other people? Am I just a HUGE HUGE whiner?

Saturday my baby came down with a fever. 103-104. I was up all night with him. Sunday my husband "fell" sick. Monday was my husband's birhtday. We did nothing. He heated up the soup I had made the day before. My oldest son became sick and spent the next day and a half in bed. I feel fine but am cranky and impatient. I had plans. I want the tree up. I want Christmas music playing.

A tree is a big deal for us each year. Normally, I am very matter of fact: If we dont have the money for it--we dont need it. My husband is very black and white and thinks that since this applies to everything else in our lives it should apply to Christmas Trees too. Can you believe his logic? There is and should not be anything logical applied to Christmas trees!!!

Last year we were given an artificial Christmas tree. It is beautiful. We acquired a train table this year! We were blessed with new couches this year too. Wow huh? What could I possibly find to complain about? None of these good thigns actually fit in our small living spacce. The challenge: fit ALL in the small living space and leave room for "living." Hmm... add in sick toddlers and babies and whining husbands and bickering sickies. This cranky, impatient Mommy isnt feeling very magical.

I moved and moved furniture, which of course involved more and more cleaning. I pulled on the side of the tain table to move it, which I have told everyone else NOT to do because it will break. It broke. I layed the tree branches out in the sun to dedust. I vaccummed. I ran over a banana peel. I had to clean the carpet and take the vaccumm apart. The WHOLE vaccum apart. AND someone had the nerve to turn off "my" Christmas music in the process!!

Finally everyone else caught my excitement and wanted in on the fun. Babies woke up from naptime. Someone convinced my three year old that he could help. He is now taking ornaments on and off the tree and proclaiming what a good helper he is. At 6 am, he brought my favoriate ornament to me, in bed. The tree topper is also broken and we discovered AFTER putting everything up and decorated that the tree is leaning. Would you like to SEE the tree? Have I told you about my camera breaking at Thanksgiving?

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