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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ready or Not?

I am still not wrapping my mind around having a baby this week.

I washed all the newborn clothes and put together the cradle. I dont have cradle sheets that fit and I bought a plastic dresser to put the baby's clothes in and it's too small :(

I took over my daughter's bedroom and set up the birthing supplies in there. We spent more than a day setting up and trying out the birthing tub and then figuring out how to syphon and empty it. SOOO glad that didn't happen while I was laboring.

We celebrated my oldest's 12h birthday.

Not sure how I call people to tell them Im in labor or get everything done in time. I know its not really possible to plan. BUT there is laundry and dishes and meal planning and bill juggling and discipline and relationships and.....Normal life has not stopped. Can I make everything stop when the baby gets here?