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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week In Review

Anne Kimmel teaches that life is made up of ordinary days. I need to hear that. I am not sure if I crave excitement. I am content to be at home with my family. I guess that is not without it's excitement....I feel guilty about parenting and homemaking and my Christian walk and living. It feels like Idon't get enough done...

This week?

My oldest boys made paper mache' "gourds" in honor of South America.

My 10 year old went on his first fishing trip..

I carpooled to a Homeschool support meeting. I ate way more than my share of treats there :)

I stared using cloth diapers again.

I stressed out over the cloth diapers from Miracle Diapers being too big for my 6 month old. I freeted. A friend brought me the disposable diapers that her son had outrgown. the PERFECT size. I now have time to think this through without spending money.

While I was in the bathroom, a child asked me if they could have lemonade. I answered "in just a second." Before I made it out of the bathroom. They had made lemonade, fought over who had more lemonade and spilled lemonade (64 oz) on our dining room carpet and my purse. All through my purse. I cleaned and mopped and soaked. I finally laid down baking soda and waited for it to dry and soak up the moisture from the carpet pad. I got out our honking shop vac to clean up baking soda. I turned it on "blow" by mistake and shot baking soda/lemonade paste all through our kithcen and office.

I dreamed of a new purse. My son asked over and over and over if his $4.00 could buy me a purse. Of course not. DUH!! ANd felt guilty becasue I REALLY want a few hundred dollars for a purse. Really really.

I bought a purse for $4.00. Can you believe that? Exactly $4.00. Son took back his offer.

A friend and I went through all the laundry baskets in my entry way and folded and foleded and paired socks. This was such a blessing. I read recently a blog where a mom had visited and fodled all the family's laundry. I was jealous. A freind an hour away heard we were sick, drove up to make chicken soup, and asked if she could fold clothes. God is so god to us and we are so blessed with good friends.

I was given a high chair (we already have one) and moved book cases and armoire to fit one in for 6 onth old to sit and play safely while toddler is still confined to learn to eat neatly.

"We" took a door off the hinges for a young boy who says his door needs to shut and baracaded himself in "his" room.

I talked to a friend whose husband is out of work and whose house is being foreclosed on and felt helpless.

I posted about our "shoogah" fiasco. and night in the ER.

I won a contest at

I bought a baby carrying wrap that is too small for me.

We had colds this week and it was a stay at home and rest kind of week.