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Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen

I realize that I don't need to preface this, and if we have met--you know that I am about to :) I want extended family for my children and the time and energy and budget to do for and with them what I think we *should* Life seldom works out that way.

My husband worked holy Saturday and Easter Sunday this year. We are grateful that he is working. I couldn't find one of my Easter boxes. I know that I am "missing" table clothes and decorations....My camera quit working. (Yes I'm still complaining) I tried to suck it up and do the best with what I had at the moment...Here is what we did do.....

Friday morning the children and I attended an art class with a dear friend and we each painted, in water colors, a Resurrection scene.

That afternoon, we had an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard:
This little guys has the sweetest disposition but in pictures he has thee most annoyed expressions...maybe he's taking issue with my camera too :)

We went to Walmart to see the Easter Bunny. My two year old screamed the entire way to the car. Literally kicking and screaming, "No Easter Bunny." Once we got there, He was instantly intrigued and cheered and pointed and cheered some more.

He talked the rest of the day about how the "Scary Bunny" bit his ear...uh..."no"

In past years I have catered to my highly dye sensitive son and made our own dyes....this year I asked if he would mind just having white eggs and spent the 99 cents to get the artificial (and quick) stuff

Easter morning, my youngins and I got up and headed out the door in our Sunday Best. My dear daughter had on a new dress and lip gloss :)

Service was great. I got really vested in a few hymns, that is until my toddler drowned me out with: "no sing Mommy. NO SING!" Apparently, he's not a fan.

Waiting in the van for us was a mini-cooler of ice and chocolate crosses, and a chocolate bunny for my, future American Idol judge toddler.

I asked him to hold his bunny up for a picture.

When we got back home. This lady came:

With a honey baked ham, the fixings, and candy from William Sonoma.


Gabriel had his first food--sweet potato. He wasn't impressed.

God is so good to us even when Im pouting about how things *should* be. Everything turned out wonderful and there ARE pictures :)