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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Still here!

 I don't seem to be posting that much. Not sure why. I am doing other bloggy things:  like donating to giveaways and planning a HUGE birthday blog bash for April....and my laptop was out of commission for a while and I lost all my photos from the last two years.

My 11 year old daughter has been texting her friends from my phone. Without permission. I feel so violated. I just an email from ATT that I am over myt texting limit. I had no idea I had a limit.

My son has a cow heart in the refrigerator that he's excited to dissect and my husband just fell asleep.

I have been all over ebay and Pinterest looking at Irish Blessings. I'm not too into the "luck" thing but do want to celebrate my heritage..Here are a few favorites:

Irish Morning Blessing by MySerentyWay on Etsy

and from the same shop: May Love and Laughter Light Your Days

I have also pinned a bunch.

I made 16 dozen chicken meatballs to freeze. They didn't turn out well. I guess you should test a recipe first. Those things always make so much sense in retrospect.

We have gone on some great field trips and been really busy doing fun things.
My 5th grader is studying Ca history and we have been going to Missions and homes turned museums. Fun times.

OH! and my five year old swallowed a button battery and we spent the majority of the night in the ER.

We called the battery hotlline (a branch of poison control) right away who told us to walk don't run to the ER for an Xray. The Xray showed the battery right away and it was at a point where all we have to do is wait for it to pass. I got a Vizio tablet for Christmas and still haven't gotten a real chance to play with it but I brought it along and my 13 year old comforted my 5 year old and they played Angry Birds and watched Netflix. I kept reminding them that this was not fun.

He finally just fell asleep on the ER floor.  I had major major eeby jeebies at him touching everything and then sucking on his fingers. 
I told you that we were in a car accident. Our Suburban is all fixed. They came and picked it up and brought it back. SUCH a blessing because I couldn't wrap my mind around child care and car seats and finding someone to drive me and pick me up.

Not sure why I am not posting.

Anything you want me to talk about?
Anyone want to guest post?
Be watching for my Birthday Bash! It will NOT be like last year! This year no whining just lots and lots of fun giveaways (shoot me an email if you want in on the giving--I have a great lineup so far:)