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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keeping Me Posted

Summer is approaching quickly and as the temperatures heat up I cant help but think about gatherings, parties and graduations. Our family also has a few summer birthdays and some new babies coming this Summer. I discovered a husband and wife team that creates georgous invitations!

At, Keeping Me Posted, you can purchase unique announcements, party invites, and holiday cards.  Keeping Me Posted has new designs that constantly get updated with the latest trends and styles of today.  The state-of-the-art photo personalization tools make any person a card designer.  Try the cutting-edge tools to upload photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and SmugMug.  Fresh, new designs fill the website’s pages.  The customization tools on the website can change the font color, size, and style.  The tools can be used to change photos from color to black and white or sepia.  Review your card electronically for free. Want a design you don't see on the site? Not a problem--Just let Keeping Me Posted know about it, and a perfect design can be made just for you for free.  HP Indigo printing presses print the cards on top-quality thick matte paper.  Cards are reviewed carefully during the various production stages so you get something special that you will be satisfied with.  Stop by Keeping Me Posted today at to let people know you are moving, having a baby, or throwing a fabulous party.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

By order of the Management

I just discovered a new blog that I absoulutely HAD to share with you!

She is offering these two posters free to download.

Don't ya just love 'em?!?!?
Why don't ya head on over to:

say hello from me and download these babies for yourself!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Rachelle

It's Rachelle's birthday! You know when you sit down and make a list of who your true friends are, the ones that you can really count on? (You all do that right) Rachelle is on my list. But we weren't even born in the same decade, now do we live in the same state, or part of the country and we haven't met. Hello to the wonders of blogging, and the internet.

She is a gem. A sweetheart. She is turning 24 and man does she know how to celebrate!

On Friday she is hosting the mother of all giveaways. Head on over and

where there will be an AWESOME GIVEAWAY EVERY HOUR!!

It's birthday week over at

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coming Clean

Let's come clean. I have heard a lot of talk about Shaklee and how much money you can make and live the dream. Honestly, I was turned off by it. Then, I started to hear more and more about their cleaning products being efficient, non-toxic and inexpensive.

I saw this before and after on House of Grace:

I saw  pictures of Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chic "finally" clean her oven. (and wondered if I should be cleaning mine ;) I seriously looked around at my dirty house and began thinking.

I saw this cost comparison which really made sense.

I am a chemical snob. I have a son with an auto immune disease and a million allergies. I hate hate hate the smell of almost every cleaner. I have skin that gets dry and bleeds when anywhere near cleaning products. So....I don't clean:) Not a good plan huh?

I saw this video from Rachel Ray:

This on toxic cleaners:

and another from Dr. Oz and Oprah that I couldnt figure out how to embedd or cut and paste.

After everything, I was sold. I finally did it. I took the plunge and tried Shaklee.

I was blown away. And, A little embarrassed at how much dirt I got OUT of my surroundings.

Empowered by Shaklee I:

cleaned my sink:

Wait though! I do clean my sink. I wipe it out often. I clean it with a natural stainless steal cleaner, I scrub it out with baking soda. So WHY did I manage to get soooo many paper towels of black gook when I used this stuff:

Scour off is AMAZING. It is made from cherry pits and smells WONDERFUL (remember how much I detest the small of cleaning supplies?)
Liked it soooo much I decided to tackle my oven:

It did come totally clean and shiny. By now, I knew it would. What amazed me was that I wasn't scrubbing and scraping and repeating. I was just rubbing on and then off. It was THAT easy.

Still empowered by Shaklee, this time armed with Basic H, I:
got dry erase marker out of a Boy Scout shirt. (no pictures, I was a little frustrated that someone would write on their brother's shirt :)

cleaned shag carpeting. In a few rooms. Because there was no sudsing and build up it was faster and a lot more efficient.

When a friend moved I ended up with her cleaning box and a bunch of expensive new fangled all in one cleaners. One said specifically it worked on glass and mirrors. I went to town on our 15 foot sliding doors and then our windowed office doors and then, then, I noticed it left a gooey sludge all over them. I sat down and pouted. Now I need to go back over them all with Basic H.

In the end, I am soo glad that I did try Shaklee and am wondering why it took me so sceptically long. It is more natural? Cheaper? and for me, so far it has been faster and simpler. Now my question is, do I become a distributor? If I do would you try it out? Wanna try Shaklee cleaners now?

who blogs at

 has generously and amazingly offered 5 of my readers a sample of Basic H cleaner.

yes, I said FIVE!

To enter:

Follow this blog and tell me something that you put off cleaning

for bonus entries (leave one comment for each) :
-Head over to House of Grace and see all that this powerhouse can do) and tell me which you'd like to try your sample of Basic H on
-Follow House of Grace on Facebook (Say hello for me!)

On May 31st at midnight PST I will, using choose 5 winners.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Jewerly storage and projects in snippets

I long for a awe inspiring before and after to share with you. An amazing makeover or redo that is accomplished in a weekend. My life doesn't work like that. I don't have a weekend to spare. If I dedicated a weekend to redoing and making over: what would we eat? who would counsel crying teens and referee television use? who would change diapers and remind people or bedtime? would we drown in dirty clothes? Often it feels like I don't do anything. I don't feel all that needed. But man, oh man, try to step away it quickly becomes clear what I do all day.

A few of my flaws come into play here. I am sooo bad at doing things "for now." Dresser needs painting? Drawers falling out? Don't put it in the garage! We'll use it "for now." Until we get around to it. Thing is that we don't tend to get around to it. I realize that this isn't the best system. But I also realize that if we didn't use that dresser "for now" the way that it is--there wouldn't be a dresser at all. Sometimes that way it is, is the way it is.

When I had all littles I'd stay up late and make things happen. Then my littles got bigger and bigger. Now they want attention in the wee hours and stay up late doing chores. i once again have littles. Two little ones getting up early with two others staying up late and one in the middle needing guidance. I also work all night two nights a week. My "project time" is just not there.

My projects don't have a dramatic before and after but a slow slow evolution.

Today's project for example. Apparently, I have a lot of necklaces. In a few different drawers all tangled together. I had bought a cork board at GoodWill for 90 cents. It sat on my husband's desk for awhile. I think he hated it. I saw a few different variations of hanging necklaces on cork boards. I searched for material and tacks. I made a list to buy tacks. I gave up on material and hung the cork board. Crooked. Pictures? Well you see, My camera has been MIA since Easter. Seems that a younger sibling was doing something cute and a picture was a good idea. MY camera has been missing ever since  :) I borrowed an IPOD and got this:

You get the idea right?

If you're coming here for the best way to do things..I can POINT you in that direction. If you are coming here for Grace and Acceptance and the encouragement that even you can celebrate and have a great life with what you have. That I can deliver. (and I'll be able to find a cool necklace to wear in the process)

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