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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let's Link Up and Help one Another!!

I'm having one of those "why do I blog? What good am I doing here?" moments.
In my daily life, people are looking to me for answers on parenting and homemaking. Is it because I'm near 40? Is it because I'm loud and bossy? Is it because I have teens? Am I doing something right? I haven't given very good advice to these questioners. No advice, no encouragement. Rather..I have stared back with a "really? Are you talking to me? expression." NICE huh?

I do take this mothering, teaching, homemaking stuff seriously but I'm not all that great at any of it . I am honest. In my life you will see Grace not perfection. I'm not going to put myself above you and say how much better I am than you. Not here.  I will however come alongside you and nod my head saying, "Yep, this is really hard"

So, what if Having a Hallelujah Good Time could be a place like that? What if we had a link up here that brought you ways people make things work, tutorials on how to do them and a monthly link up on subjects where we all need help: freezer cooking and planning ahead, budgeting, how you take a break, curriculi planning, gardening...whatever WE need help figuring out OR have figured out. If you make an amazing tatted pillow, that is encouraging to me (especially if you show the brownies you had for dinner and the mess your toddler made while you worked on that pillow) This isn't a competition--we are in this together and can help one another.

Once again my mantra is going to come out: I DONT HAVE MONEY RIGHT NOW TO start a linky but was hoping you all could overlook that and just link up in the comments :) I am working on advertising and site redesign. Expect some pretty pretty changes and a breakdown of link up subjects in January. BUT lets not wait til them OR until I come up with a witty title and button...lets link up now!

What are you working on? What works for you? What doesn't work for you? What day is better to link up? Do you any witty titles for this link up Im dreaming up?

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