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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heaven Revealed

I was given two books: One to read and one to give to the readers of this blog. The subject of the book is a good one. One we all think about but don't really know much about--Heaven.  There are so many questions and so many longings. Sadly, many of the books written or words spoken about heaven have no basis in fact. Most things being taught about heaven are feel good "we'll all be together again, happy" words spoken at funerals.

I am curious, we are all curious. Where should we look as believers in Christ? The Scriptures. Paul Enns did just that when his beloved wife of 40 years died suddenly. He wasn't angry at God or feel sorry for himself as I would have done. Paul Enns went to Scripture to learn more about where his beloved now lives. That right there wet my appetite.

Heaven Revealed is one man's quest to find  anwers to his own questions about Heaven through the study of scripture. Paul Enns serves as a professor and the director of the Tampa Extension, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also taught at Northwestern College, Dallas Theological Seminary and Talbot Theological Seminary. He is the author of The Moody Handbook of Theology and Approaching God. He recently spoke with Rc Sproul and . Again, I am still listenining.

His book is a quick and pleasant read and I enjoyed reading the book. Paul Enns is a very clear writer and a thorough researcher. He is coming from a dispensational premillenialist theology while I am not. I still have questions. Some of the answers that he found through the Scriptures he listed werent the answers that I found there. He also brought up questions that I hadnt even thought of and answered them profoundly. The author does a very good job of pointing us to Scripture for our answers and listing the Scriptures where he found his answers. This book was not written as a textbook to show definitively what we will find in paradise but rather a freind taking us by the hand and saying, "look! look at these things that I have discovered and found in my search of the Scriptures about Heaven." Paul Enns did a great job of doing just that and his search is one worthy of shadowing.

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