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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dress Shopping

This is my first submission to :

Bear with me because I can take a while to get to the point :0 But I promise that this point is relevant :)

I want to be honest here, because frankly, I know no other way. I hate hate hate though when my last blog post seems dark and whiny LIKE MY LAST ONE. I then let it sit there for seemingly forver. so time to clear it up :)

Remember this lovely lady that we just talked about?
She graduated from college last weekend.
And THIS weekend she is getting married! Our parelell lives have been very seperate lately. Although she mesans the world to me, all I need to do is show up. With my family. Dressed. All 7 of us. Normally my family feels totally manageable but sometimes.......

So, we need haircuts and clothes and, to act like we have some sense :)...My twelve year old is a little annoyed because we have been to a few funerals and weddings lately and we go to church every week. Why do we need to get haircuts and buy clothes. He may have a point :)MAYBE but how do I stop him from "dancing" at the reception. These are his moves. He preserved them forever on MY camera.

I live in a small town off the beaten path. We have just had few store closure. There is no where for me to get a dress! I also am hard to fit. I wear an 18. Doesnt sound like a big deal does it? Somehow, it can be.

I have been looking online and found a few things. I would start to order and they would suddenly not have my size or be on backorder. I kept going for loud designs and then wondering if they were moo-moos :)

My daughter and I somehow snuck out alone for a few hours this week. We were wnadering a thrift store and they had all their prom dresses out. I spotted an orange dress from Davids Bridal, tags still on. It was a size 16. I tried to force it on. There are no dressing rooms mind you. My daughter was scared. I then spotted a szie 18. A nice classic fitting, tank dress in light coral silk. hmmm $6.00 and a cleaning later here is my dress for this weekend :) Feels handpicked just for me. I did take a picture to show you, but somehow a size 18 dress on a hanger taken with a crappy camera, doesnt look that great in retrospect. Your mind will do a better job, trust me. I'll try to get some pictures of it this weekend ON. If I have trouble findig my size, how is it that I found it a small thrift store? In a color that I like but much mellower than I may have chosen on my own. Sounds like someone is looking out for me doesn't it.