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Friday, July 9, 2010

laundry soap

It seems that everyone is making their own laundry soap. I researched it. I saved up for a food processor. I did price comparisons and figured out cost per load (that is approximate because I don't pay full price if I can help it)

I considered our needs: hard water, allergies to everything, not too much time to devote to this.
I researched many many different recipes:
this one looked good

I bought some "homemade" laundry soap from a neat lady on Etsy.

I beat myself up over and over for all the money I was "wasting" by not being cool enough to make my own laundry soap.

I have five children. I have three in different stages of puberty and two in toddler hood. Two in cloth diapers. We do ALOT of laundry. We make most of our food from scratch. I home school. Our laundry used to be done down our driveway in our garage in a anot so nice neighborhood, only during the day and not in the rain. We moved. We moved into a huge house. Not the problems I ahd beofre, but yet new things taking up all my time:) I'm trying to impress upon you that my time is limited. but really. Im just really not that person.

I looked into trying Charlies Soap. It sounded just about right. but there was a big investment. My husband was ordering some vitamins on Amazon and needed $9.99 more to qualify for Super Saver Shipping. I found this "trial of Charlies Soap:

So far it is working really really well.

Who knows. Maybe someday I'll have an empty house and make loads and loads of soap to deliver to my childrens' homes.OOH and design cute little labels for the cool unbreakable jars I put it in...but, at least for now, Charlies is a good fit for us.
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