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Monday, April 6, 2009

Praying for Stellan

Prayers for Stellan

Any sick baby can break your heart. Here is a very young, very sick baby. He has SVT. We know that. But it is not a textbook case of SVT and no one can figure out just what to do.

This family has amazing faith, and three other little ones at home (two of them were so sick this week they were rushed to the ER.)

I KNOW that it shouldn't matter, a single bit, what I think of these people. BUT I really really like them!! Their latest post is titled "I will praise You in this storm" ....see what I mean? and Stellan's mom is funny too. But I'm not going to convince you :)

Please head over here and look around. Please pray for this family. For each one of them. There is also a place to make donations and an Etsy shop is set up. Then....could you kiss your little ones for me, your nieces, nephews, (not your neighbors, better just wave to them) Why do terrible things happen to some and not others? Why are children ever sick? I can't answer that but am so glad that I know the One who can. Please remember Stellan when you spend time with Him.