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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

I am going to take the lemons thrown at me and make lemonade! Bare with me here. We couldnt pull off last minute moving or pull together $5000-we have to tolerate the fumigation of our rental :( I would rahter not bag up food and have it go through the fumigation soo I am trying to use up the food in our freezer. I also want to share the ways that God provides for us. We live on 1,600 a month, including paying off debt etc. We probably dont spend as much as we should on food. If you ask me what we eat, I run a blank. We think a lot about what we put into our bodies. We buy organic whenever we can and avoid MSG, most oils, son follows the Feingold diet, my daughter and I are dairy free. Ask me what we eat? I run a blank.

There is a whole group of women who plan their meals each week and post them to share...hmm...i could do that!! AND when you ask me what we eat, I can smile and say, "well, this week.." and give you a link :)

There is a whole group of great ladies sharing their weekly menu plans over at


Taco Soup/Split Pea Soup and torillas
this is in two seperate crockpots while we are at church :)
Spaghetti & Sausage/ Mac N Cheese, salad, and a vegetable
My husband will take this to work the next day
Homemade Pizza, salad
This is our big day home so I will have help kneading the three pizza's dough
Baked Chicken and homemade stuffing, salad and a vegeatble
My husband will be home to clean and prep the chicken :)
This will be quick before Boy Scouts
Something in the Crockpot? or Camping
We will be at a Fall Festival, then Bible study and maybe cammping