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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cleaning and Schedules and my new friends

I mentioned that we moved into an amazing dream home....

don't have pictures ready to share yet. Not sure if I should wait until we are all moved in and things are just right..will they EVER be "just right?"

I often encourage others about this lifestyle path. Having small children and homeschooling is like having two or three full time jobs. Then you throw in children of different age groups, husband's job loss and being underpaid, and night time working...I can see, in the abstract why I'm feeling behind in everything. Then there is being sick and all those around us are going to the Dr for bronchitis. We moved less than a month ago. I guess I can see cut myself a little slack. I KNOW that others can't "do it all" but sometimes I still thnk that I somehow should.

I kept telling my chidlren that I knew that we needed to find a more adequate home BUT would our lives *really* be that different in a new home. Uh yes. They are. This house is AMAZING and makes chores so much easier. The home we moved from had NO counter space and one electrical outlet in the kitchen with this shallow little sink and LOW hanging faucet. This kitchen is insane:

I used to go outside, and down my driveway to the garage to do laundry. I actually wrote about it HERE. This house has a laundry/mudroom INSIDE with amazing tile and a huge sink. It makes a HUGE difference.

My question for you all. Do you have a cleaning schedule?

My children are very helpful but right now my daughter is sweeping 3-4 times a day and the bathrooms aren't being cleaned at all. I know there will be some adjustment moving from 1000 square feet to 3,400. But can we REALLY keep it clean when we live here ALL day. The 7 of us. I figured out this week that there are 4 of us home who can make an impact and gave us each a major job and two rooms to tidy. We are trying and making conserted effort....

I keep telling myself that when much is given much is required. I have been given SOOOO much!!

This house really is fun to clean and I have found some new freinds along the way:)We have some very hard water. The house came with an amazing stainless steel dishwasher than barely worked because of water deopsits. We took apart the spraying arms and ran this miracle worker:

Lemi Shine, Dishwater Detergent Additive, Super Concentrated, 12 oz.

Through it a few times. It is shiny and beautiful now. and so are our dishes:)
I really should have taken before and afters. It worked that well.

I discovered this awesome stuff:
method granite cleaner
that doesnt leave my counters with a greasy slimy residue (and smells great with no chemicals or irritants for my sensitive son)

and this amazing stuff

Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Stainless Steel Spray

that takes away all grime and fingerprints on my stainless steel using Olive Oil (completely free of petroleum distillates)

I am slowly figuring things out...I saw a natural leave on shower cleaner that looks like it's worth looking into. Do you all ahve any more tips for someone drowning in house? Do you work on one room a day? One area a week? Is wanting it ALL clean at once a pipe dream?

I want this huge blessing to enrich our lies and NOT be an overwelming burden. I want my children to flourish here, not become unpaid help because we just can't keep up.

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