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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do we eat blue eggs?

Somehow that I can't explain, we ended up with two heads of red cabbage.

So, I cut one up, boiled it with some vinegar, added eggs returned to a boil and then turned it off for 7 minutes. Then i cooled it off and let them soak overnight. Somehow, I thought the eggs would turn purple.
Nope. deep blue:

Next, I went to the store and got more eggs:
added some turmeric, water and vinegar to a pot and brought to a boil. I added eggs and returned the boil and then turned off for 7 minutes. This was more predictable:

My four year old woke me up perplexed: "Do we eat blue eggs?"

I'm trying to collect the shells in this jar:

for an art project like this one:

My oldest three made this many many years ago. Somehow, I only have one now.

I may or not be motivated to color more eggs before Sunday. In the past, we have also used: onion leaves, beet juice, and chlorophyll.


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