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Friday, February 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes

In my last blog, I lusted over the Fuzzi Bunz giveaway. A friend who I havent spoken to in forever, and isnt excited about my blog (read: doesnt read it) gave me 14 Fuzzi Bunz diapers today. 14. God is good.

I am selling this. I loved this. Still do. My church family all chipped in and bought it for me when my two year old was born.

My baby will be 7 months old this week. He crawls. I put him somewhere safe to leave the room. An older child frees him and he finds me. It's scary.

I joined facebook. enough said

We have been sick. Miserably sick. BUT it's just a headcold so we shouldn't complain, right? But my babies are sick and coughing and hacking and have chapped little faces and noses. And my bigger boys are gross and snotty. And I am so tired and cranky.
We didnt go to the homeschool co-op yesterday. A new friend brought by lunch, juice, bread, oranges, apples, tea.....WOW.

We have a snake! My dear friend knitted my two year old a scarf in the shape of a snake! It is theee cutest thing!

It is Raining! It is beautiful and needed.
Remember me saying that I was all caught up on laundry and using cloth diapers?
Remember this post about the downside of this house is not being able to do laundry in the rain?