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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Real Friends

Can I take a minute to gush and tell you about someone really important to me?

Edie is a special special person in my life. She is an example of Grace and fun and I think of her daily. Honestly. She is such an encouragement to me. I think of her when I do little things like put up our initial in a random place

that I know Edie would get. or search for curriculum,
or write on a chalkboard

and take a picture to Facebook her that I copied her.  I have poured my heart out to her and she has showed such amazing encouragement and giving me a push to strength. Even in little things like posting our initial or wearing a flower pin
and in the bigger things like acknowledging all that I have given up to pour my life into this home and these children dn acknowledging that, "Yes, it is hard and moving on"

How does she tackle theology and lipgloss in the same breath? How does she fully grasp our depravity and sin yet smile and life her southern life and have fun in life? How does she layer so many things and colors on her tiny little frame? Why does it work? Edie is a mystery to me :)

How did we meet? We haven't. She is on one side of the country and I am on the other. She is the prom queen and voted most popular in the yearbook of Blogs while I am the dorky middle schooler struggling along. Im not going to say she didnt notice. How could she not? She noticed and reached out to me and encouraged me and repeated to me that "we are so friends" when my kids pointed out that I dont actually know this person.

Tragedy struck Edie's life. And I cried. Her house burned to the ground. Her family barely escaped with the pajamas on their backs. I cried. Im angry. Not at God not at anyone. Just angry and blubbery. She praised God that only by His Grace were they able to escape with not a hair harmed on their heads. I feel horrible for her and want to reach out and fix something. Instead, she reached out to me and reminded me of God's Grace and Love. That didn't even occur to me and I'm not the one who lost their home and every little insignifigant memeory and knick nack that went with it. i may need to go cry again...

Happy Birthday Edie! You are so special and important to me! I thank God for all that you are and all that you encourage me to be. Thank you for allowing us to learn through your tragedy. thank you for your example and laughter and love. Thank you for giving yourself to us. You are there as a bright birght spot in the spare moments on our computer screens. It means so much more than you'll ever know.

Many women have linked up to wish Edie a Happy Bithday. There is also an adress to send cards:) at
Life In Grace

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