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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Mantle Fun OR Sharp Clippers at Nap Time

This is what happens at naptime when I can FINALLY find my sharp clippers:)

I have this bush in my front yard that really really needed pruning back. not sure if this is the time of year to do it--BUT it happened today and then this mantle happened out of it.

I *think* the topsy turvy off kilter feeling is only coming from the photograph. Although, honestly I'm not climbing back up on the ladder anytime soon to fix it:)

AND a little closer up....
AND closer still........

My photography skills are really lacking. I'm not sure I can blame my camera for this one:(

I made the banner last year from placements and curtains I got at Good Will...the framed verse is from HERE, and I made the Dollar Tree Hurricanes.

Not exactly magazine material but pretty decent for my decorating budget ;)

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