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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Odds and Ends

Gabriel was weighed:

3 months, 13 lbs. 5 oz.

My sons' dresser is a project needing to happen...It is a very LOOONG dresser that fits under our 6 foot plus wondow. Before it came to live with us, someone put a dark oil on the light soft wood. Everytime it was TOUCHED huge dings would show up. Then the (very ugly) handles, fell off. In the back of my mind I have been thinking about sanding it down and buying new handles. There is never extra money to do that. There is never enough money to do what we HAVE to do. The dresser sits. I saw a very talented woman on another blog make "for now handles" from black ribbon. I was late to dinner knotting strips of rope to make handles. I still WANT to do it well, but for now, my sons can get to their clothes :)Photobucket
My two year old likes coffee. The first time we discovered this we were asleep. it was 5 am. He came in mumbling and exclmaing in gibberish holding a bag of coffee beans and chomping away. My only thought was "Please let that be decaf!" Yesterday, there was a brief moment of silence in our house-I quickly went to investigate. I noticed him hiding under the dining room table eating coffee beans. I got the camera and held it under the table. He looked terrified and "caught red handed" and started scooping the beans back in the bag and handing it to me. Then I laughed and he had thee CUTEST mischevious grin we may ever see. I snapped and flashed away. He was relieved. I thought I was clever. I sat down to review my pictures. they didnt come out, nothing but a blur. Here you can see him under the table.
AND I need to get frames and create a picture wall and frame this:
My walls are full though. I thought we were moving and got excited that I would ahve more walls.....until then....

Whirlwind Week

I woke up very very early this am. I just stared at nothing and tried to process the week ahead. We are going to a Fall Festival on Friday to sell homemade play dough and soap from Girls' Club, then meeting with the girls to go voer our Bible Study on kindnes for the week. Then we rush home and go to Family Camp. My 10 year old has been in Cub Scouts since he was six and is coming up on crossing over To Boy Scouts and earing his arrow of light EXCEPT that he needs to go camping!! he has missed amillion campouts and this is the last campout and someone needs to take the poor kid!! His dad is working this weekend and can't get any time off because of the time off he took before the abby was born (he was 10 days overdue) and then for the hospital and extra drs visits. So here I am. Completely clueless on camping and with an infant, a two year old and two others plus Mr Cub Scout. What have I gotten myself into?

THEN we get back Sunday night and have to evacuate by Monday morning at 8am for the fumigation. I need to wash clothes and sleeping bags for that! I also need to figure out everything we will need. They say we can come back in it at noon on Thursday when they remove the tent....I dont know about that.

Nothing is my choice at the moment though--it realy is just doing the best I can and whatever I am capable of. Life is seldom ideal or what I would have planned.

The thing I cannot wrap my ming around is all the water that I am going to have to buy!! I guess techncially I always PAY for the water that we drink but this is a 3 day camping trip and then in the motel for HOW LONG? that could be a lot of water!!