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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Around 10 months after having a baby, my hormones get wacky. I get really sad, I get really agitiated. My skin bleeds and cracks from something funky internally... I fight with prog cream">THIS and fight with 369">These among other things and, for atleast the last three babies, I have had to wean them at 12 months.

Can you guess how old this guy is?

Yep. 10 months, almost to the day. So, here I am :)

My husband has a dear dear cousin. Although she is a lot younger than us (atleast 16 years) she has been such a blessing and truly been "family." I "realized" that she was graduating from college on Saturday. How did this happen and we not know about it? Were there announcements? Should we have just known? Were there invites? Were there only so many people per student allowed? The college had been evacuated due to the Jesusita fire. Was the ceremony moved? postponed? I graduated from the SAME college (albeit 15 years ago) was it assumed that I knew these things? I called my in-laws. Yes, they were going. was already too late for me to rally to go. I missed her college graduation. I had had the forethoguht to send a card. What was my excuse for missing her graduation ceremony?
Oh thats right i was sorting socks and eating doughnuts...although my husband is working, I have a 10 month old, a toddler, a house guest and 3 other children.....I wasn't JUST eating doughnuts, I was cooking and cleaning for those 6 other people...and doing a ton of laundry (that is an estimate) and driving to and from activities and....I missed her graduation...I cant believe I missed her graduation.

So....Saturday night I cry and cry and clean the kitchen with no abandon and Sunday I stay in bed until 1:01. I woke up to this....
my dear dear daughter :) She made me a card that read "Happy Movers Day" She made me a necklace, she made me paper flowers, and she made me a hanging plate...WOW huh!
At 4:10 decide to rally and get dressed and have tea and pie :) Not because I feel like it. How often do I do what I feel? Maybe I have been delt a bad hand, maybe my life is horrible and maybe I should have just stayed in bed. But, right now, fair or not I am what these 5 children have and they deserve a good Mothers day memory :) So I suck it up and smile, put on a little make up and.........

We celebrated :)

Week In Review: Jesusita Fire

A huge part of our week was spent in front of the television watching 24 hour coverage of: the Jesusita Fire, (this picture courtesy of MSNBC)

and praying....
Click HERE for a slide show.

The Governor of CA officially declared Fire Season open and within an hour a fire broke out on a small hiking path near the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens. A press release was issued at 1:45 pm saying that no structures were damaged. As this press release was being given, helicopters showed aerial pictures of the area. A newscaster interrupted to ask if he was seeing what he thought he was seeing--4 structures had just exploded into flames, we moved to another helicopter view to see the same thing. For days the fire was fought and fought with no containment. People were evacuated. Evacuation warnings were made. There was no time to go through and count the damaged structures....We were finally told that "dozens of structures had been lost or damaged" Things would seem "OK" and then a little after nightfall, winds would pick up, temperatures would stay between 80and 90 degrees and structures would literally explode. This went on for days...The official statement now is that the fire scorched 8,733 acres and as many as 80 homes. Approximately 30,000 people were evacuated.

This lady evacuated her house near the fire to stay with us....
It was a nice visit. We sorted socks
(where do they all come from and why are there no matches?)
We snuck away and "did" school. We performed a science experiment
and similated bark paintings.
We came home and baked a pie
from the canning that we did HERE back in August...when my dear friend was so smart to can pie filling
We stayed up late and watched movies and drank tea and ate doughnuts.....
My friend returned home to prepare for work, and Mothers Day came.