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Friday, April 30, 2010

10 little questions

Love parties NOT a fan of party games BUT I saw this over at

The Ins and outs of a Stay at Home Mom

and it looked like fun....

Here are the questions. Are you ready?
1. Do you say thunder and lightening or lightening and thunder?
2. Are you a spender or a saver?
3. What was your favorite game to play as a child?
4. Do you say I’m going to put my socks and shoes on or do you say it the other way around? (I know it’s like the first one but I also wonder which way people say it.)
5. Would you rather have super strength or super intelligence?
6. Are you apart of Friday Following?
7. Do you like cool-aid?
8. Have you had any surgeries?
9. Direct-TV/Dish or cable
10. Have you ever been on a game show.

1. I say thunder and lightenening....
2. saver saver saver
3.Don't remember any. Is that sad? My Dad did have a Ms Pac Man machine in the bar that he owned and I spent ALOT of time at. I got really good at playing it so I looked occupied and not approachable:)
4. Have always said "shoes and socks" and never questioned it. Now Im realizing I really want you to put your socks on first:)
5. Always thought I'd want super strength but given the choice SUPER INTELLIGENCE hands down. If you're smart enough you can find your way around not being strong enough. Guess I'll take brain over brawn.
6. Just found Friday Following and am lovin' it!
7. Detest Kool-aid.
8. I had my gall bladder removed and then cancer taken from my back. Dont like surgeries much.
9. I have had DISH for 9 years. Pay only for local channels. Am seriously thinking about switching to DirectTV and gettting a DVR. Any thoughts? If I bundle it should only be $5. more than I am paying now.
10. Nope. And im way too camera shy.

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Friendly Blogging

Thank you so so much for all the prayers for me this past week. Thank you too for all the new friends who stopped by and said a prayer. I was feeling very alone and scared and this was such an encouragement to me!!

This was an odd and packed few days. I had melanoma in 2003, my husband suffered a work related back injury and was out of work for three years. Jump forward 7 years. he has now been working part time almost 5 years. I had a rush appointment to a cancer specialist for three biopsies. Couldn't figure out where the office was. my 12 year old son decides to scramble eggs and throws raw egg EVERYWHERE. Our van is low on oil and coolant--Its time to leave here people!! Get to the appointment. LOVED the Dr. I will be back there regularly. he seemed positive about the biopsies. I will have results back in 2-3 weeks. Found out that our grandmother is having surgery that same day. Good thing we were in town:) My husband was made full time last week. He was pulled aside yesterday and told that he may be laid off. We're out of bread, we're out of peanut butter and the house needs a good cleaning. No socializing for me today:)

If you're new here...stick around things will pick up. I promise:)
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Because I just can't stand to miss a party-
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