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Monday, December 26, 2011

What I buy on

Many many people have discovered the joys of shopping at There is a lot of appeal to shopping in your pjs from home and getting great prices and speedy speedy shipping (usually free) and deliveries right to your door.

I am often asked what I buy on Amazon. I want to say EVERYTHING. But that seems a lttle vague.

There are several categories of things that make sense to buy online:
-things cheaper than in town
-things not available in town
-things embarassing to buy in person
-essentials you dont want to find yourself out of (like toilet paper, diapers or coffee)

What do I actually buy?
Let's make a list:)

 toilet paper:) on Subscribe and Save Charmin comes out to 22 cents a roll

We are almost out of diapers and usually use cloth and washclothes BUT these are still a must to have on hand and here is a great deal:)

laundry soap. I always mean to make my own but dont. This stuff is great. No harmful chemicals or dyes and pennies a load.

With the rising price of peanut butter, I was excited to come accross this. Organic Peanut Butter only 3.25 a jar with Subscribe & Save


great and chocolatey but gluten free, wheat free and organic (made with rice) (29 cents an ounce-3 big bags)

also wheat free, gluten free and organic (made with corn) 3 bags.

I like to keep these on hand for times when unhealthy treats are handed out, or for a treat at church..or with coffee when no one is looking:)

We dont snack much. But I've started keeping these on hand for times mentioned above or a treat with lunch on Sunday:

We dont have the budget for fast food when times get crazy..yet they still get crazy:) I keep a case of these on hand for a quick dinner. No dyes, preservatives. Complies with Stage 1 of the Feingold diet:

and cleaning:

These are expensive for our fmaily BUT they work really well and dont contain chlorine:

the best price I can find on this. We are big hand washers and I dont like the ingredients in most hand soaps:

We are blessed to have one of those georgous glass showers. And hard water. I have tried ALL the shower sprays and like this one the best. I didnt really realize that all of our bathroom cleaners were Mrs Meyers. That wasn't on purpose.

Here is another item that I technically make myself yet I run out a lot:) We have ALOT of granite

When we started saving batteries for the recycling center I was shocked to see how many we were using. Think you dont use that many? I was surprised by items like clocks.....We are slowly converitng over to all rechargeable. These are good quality and can be charged 100 times

I keep these on hand for hiking or sick times when we may get dehydrated:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Not a big fan of perfumy cover ups but this is different and made with essentail oils. With 4 boys in the house this is such a welcome friend:

My hormones get really wacky. These honestly do balance them. this is the best brand and best price that Ive found:

We have been giving these to our littlest ones:

I strongly dislike terms like "pre-teen" yet my daughter doesnt have the same dietary needs as my littles or myself. I recently found these and they have been great.

This is a great price on these and Carlsons is the best:

These are great DHA for the littles

I KNOW there is more. Whenever I think I might want something: I check the price on Amazon, put it in my cart and think about it for awhile. Most of our Christmas presents came from Amazon. And the books we read. Our family present for Christmas this year was an LG Blu ray player for $50. I watch for their amazing deals and plan around those. Looking through our orders for the past year I saw all of our birthday presents, anniversary presents and big splurges. All on Amazon. From the comfort of my home and cheaper.

Please share with us your favorites from Amazon
Deals you have found on Amazon
Things that add convenience from Amazon.

**I am an Amazon affiliate. The links here contain my info and if you buy from Amazon using one of those links I wont know your info or what you buy but I will receive a percentage. Thank you.