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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's in my Bag

 I have been going through the links on Sugar and Dots and am feeling very inspired. I am also feeling a little nosy and thought that maybe I should share the insides of of my bag.

Be warned: I am not organized. I have a friend who used to come visit every few months and while she was here, she would organize my purse. Then she got married. And then she had twins. My bag has never been the same, apparently she found more worthy places to use her organizational skills.

Another friend came to visit and brought me this bag:

I love it. Truth is I don't change it very often. It doesn't match much or blend in at all. But here we are.

Let's look inside:

Scared yet?

here is my wallet: bought it at Goodwill awhile back:

Here are my attempts at primping, just in case I cam across an occasion worth primping for.

Here is where I keep all my store cards and ocasional gift cards. Bought at GoodWill:

Same friend who brought me my beloved bag also brought me some Juicy sunglasses. I wore those things to death and they finally cracked in half. Yet, the case still lives in my bag and sometimes hold a $5.00 pair of sunglases from Ross:

BUT I do have two pairs of cute little boys' glasses fro two cute little boys:

Then there is a roll of packing tape that my teen son decided I might need:

I finally broke down and put a tape measure in my bag in hopes of avoiding all those times when I buy things that dont fit into our vehichle or the room they were bought for. It hasn't worked so far:)

Here is the bag I keep my receipts and coupons in. Also purchased from a thrift store.

I may keep too many receipts. You know all those things you mean to return and don't? I really do. You know all those surveys at the bottom of receipts that you know are a waste of your time? I complete them all. I have yet to win anything for it. When my daughter got her first purse (around 2-3) she stuffed it full of scraps of paper because that was what Mommy's purse looked like. EEEKS! So, I bought this little bag and I shove them all in there and zip it up and feel a little better.

Yet, here is pile of things that didn't make it into my nifty receipt/coupon holder.

There you have it. You really should head over to Sugar and Dots and see all the cute and organized bags there--Thanks so much for humoring me here with mine ;)