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Monday, March 2, 2009

Zachary Michael Cruz

My heart is broken. Dear friends of mine suffered a horrendous loss. While going from school to an after school activiity, their 5 year old son Zach was hit by a truck in the crosswalk. He died on the scene.

So much pain, so much loss, my heart breaks for his grandparents, his class mates (especially the ones who were witnesses,) his newborn brother (who will never "know" him as planned,) his cousins, all those that could have been touched by his life and talents............

How do you deal with a loss like that? What can WE do? We can't SAY anything to take away pain this great... Nothing we can do can lessen their pain. What can we do? My ONLY answer is prayer.

Will YOU join me in prayer for this family?

Visit the website set up in honor of Zach:

Please let them know that you are praying (you can let me know here too) I am feeling so helpless and know that prayer is all that we have to offer. He will always be gone and ti will always hurt. Only the Grace, Provision, and Comfort of God can get them through this initial time of shock and loss. Please pray that God will touch their lives in a huge, obvious, and dramatic way.

There may be one more thing that we can offer: They are a young family. Zach's dad is a graduate student. Who sets money aside for the death of a five year old? Funerals and burials are expensive. If you can donate to help them with this, please do. The internet is huge: if each person who visits their site could give a dollar... make it two and skip your next trip to Starbucks in memory of Zach.......that feels like something that we can actually DO.

****I just found an etsy fundraiser for Jodie and her family! I am so excited about this!1 Go buy something