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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pear Butter for the Lazy Woman

This could NOT have been easier! Believe me when I say if I can do it, you can too:)

Here's a little background on why this is exciting: My oldest can't tolerate most fruits but LOVES pears. We have peanut butter sandwhiches every day for lunch (working on that)

A freind called and said she had tons of pears for me--could I come over and make pear butter? Wouldn't ya know it--I couldnt leave. So she, the amazing, amazing, person that she is, brought them to me. We stood and chatted while my daughter chopped them and put them in the crock pot. I added one cup of water and let them cook overnight.
Later that night dear friend, who makes things happen for me, brought over lemons from another freind's tree and a ricer.

Next day, I let the pears cool and my son ran them through the ricer. Dont know if that would happen again but both older sons were very excited about the ricer. Then the same son juiced enough lemons to get 2/3 of a cup of lemon juice. I also added 8 cups of sugar and a tsp. of nutmeg. Then, I again let it cook in the crockpot overnight.

Next day, I left the glorious mixture cool and poured it into a variety of freezer containers.

There you have it. Texhnically took two days but not much effort and I now have a more exciting peanut butter sandwhich AND feel like I actually accomplished something above maintenance and survivial:)

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I made granite cleaner!!

I have This:

Amazing kitchen.
and found this great stuff on Amazon:

I also have hard water and money got really really tight this month. And now both vehichles need work and 3 children grew 2-3 shoe sizes and t's time to buy school books.....I can't spend $6.00 a bottle for this great stuff right now:(

Have you met Melissa at 320 Sycamore? She is amazing and I admire her on so many levels. She has this amazing eye and frugality. She can see an ugly framed picture that I have walked right past a hundred times at yard sales and thrift stores

and turn it into this:

OK. Maybe that wasn't a good really need to go look around her site:)

Once again Melissa is one step ahead of me and makes her own grnaite cleaner. here is her recipe.

I made some!! I took the bottles that I had used before which were 12 0z. I used 1.5 ozs. of rubbing alcohol (roughly 1/8th)a tiny squirt of dish soap and added some peppermint essential oil and the rest with purified water. Do you see how amazingly inexpensive that is?!?! I want to make cute labels:) My kitchen smells so great and my counters are so clean.

Now I pray for a free mechanic and shoes to fall from the sky:)

***I took my son to a Drs appointment and stopped at a smelly old thrift store out of town--PERFECT shoes for him, we all agreed on tehm, brand new condition--$3.00. Doesnt that qualify as falling from the sky???

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