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Friday, November 13, 2009

Help for my living room?

I have showed you my living room before. In all its glory:
I got an amazing deal on couches and worked on this room a bit....I was hesitant to show you the room because it isn't *done*. I'm not sure what ever is really *done*

A lot has changed in here that I am excited about but it is no way near designer show room AND the room is really small and needs to serve a lot of purposes:)

**I found some Waverly drapes at Good Will, for $10.00 a panel, they are washable and lined.

**There is NO light in this room despite the great lamps I got at a hotel storage closeout...I bought this at the thrift store AND bought some metallic paint in a color that I isn't perfect, but it was $7.00 and we now have light :)

**The brown and black pillows came with the couches. I'm trying to figure out how to cover them without sewing:) The smaller pillows are covered with Dollar Tree Slip covers.

**The oil painting next to the door is also part of my recent "inheritance"

**I got a cream colored knitted throw from Target for $10.00. I lOOOVE it and it feels like Autumn when I curl up in it on "my" new couches:)

If you have any suggestions of things that *I* can actually DO or work towards....please share!!

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