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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Finds...As in they find me:)

First off! I want to say that:


2nd time around Tuesday

are like my youthful carefree Saturday mornings shopping with friends :) Thanks for caring about my thrifty finds :)Thank you cyber space!!

Remember how I was whining about having a birthday every month during the summer? Whine whine whine here

Our little town just got a GoodWill and I am sooo loving it!!

Remember when I got this:
there for 7.99? Well a friend was with me and when she saw this:

for 3.99 she bought it for my son who will turn 11 next week.

I went in last week with another friend and my two year old. My little guy found this funky mask and fell in love with it. He wore it and talked to it and called it his "man." There was no price tag. They couldn't sell it to us. He cried and cried. My friend needed to go to Walmart so I drug my crying two year old and while I wandered I found this:

his "man." Apparently it is a paintball mask that Amazon lists for 49.99-59.99.

We went back the next day. And bought it for 3.99.

On the way there, my 10 year old told me he thinks I have some BIG birthday surprise for him. I don't. He found this:

Nerf Rifle
and asked if there was anyway I could get it for him and he would forget and it would be a surprise? Amazon lists it for $23.99. We paid 2.99 (It may be missing some shells)

He also found this:

Wooden Gordon Train, new, in the package for $1.99. Amazon lists it for 21.99. It will be wonderful for my soon to be three old to play with on this:
The house that we are renting has BIG over six foot windows. Five of them. When we moved in, there were blinds on the over 6 foot windows. They lasted a few days. Blinds were not meant to go accross an over six foot window. I tacked a navy blue curtain accross the window in my boys' room. It was supposed to be temporary, but every morning I climb up on my sons' dresser and flip up that stupid sheet to let some sun in. I got really annoyed at my boys last week for having a sheet tacked over their window. How cheap. How ghetto. (I don't know how this is there fault, but trust me...somehow it is) I started to wonder what kind of curtains belong in a bedroom shared by a 13 year old and an 11 year old. I couldn't figure it out. I KNEW I coudlnt afford them. I can't sew either. Or afford the materials to sew them...I walked into Goodwill the other day and found out what they needed: denim tab topped curtains (with buckles like overalls) two panles for 7.99. total. Not a great picture but SUCH an improvement.

Somehow. Things come together :)

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We had a horrible few days here. My hormones are leveling (or something.) My husband bumped his head at the park a few weeks ago. It got stiff. He cant move it and missed 3 days of work. He doesn't have the paid time off for 3 days. We spent money on magnesium and pain killers. I was up all night with him. My older kids had to chip in more than usual and are feeling left out. There are opportunities that we just can't give them and they are noticing. Our van needed brakes. We ran out of money. My son's birthday is next week and he realized that we ran out of money. He felt more and more sorry for himself. Our baby is very very mobile and voicing his every opinion. Everyone was at their worst, everyone was acting up and saying things they didn't REALLY mean. Everyone seemed to blame me. Honestly blame me and voice it. I cried and cried and tried to find an escape route....

A few days have passed. Everyone has talked everything out. My husband's neck has loosened a little. He may be getting laid off. He may be getting further training. So much up in the air. We sought wise counsel and asked for help. We are still eating. We are happy together and joking and laughing--laughing until we are in tears. What changed?

Im getting excited about Fall and thinking about school. I asked around to borrow some curriculium and just may have what I need. I am really really wondering how I am going to juggle the teaching of my older children and nurture and training of my babies AND keep us all fed and clothed and moral. If anyone has any tips, suggestions, words of wisdom they are VERY much welcomed.

We made meatball soup tonight. I have a sourdough starter waiting for me. Life feels good.

It FEELS good. It felt horrible a few days ago. It is both good and horrible. My attitude hasn't changed the situtaion realy hasn't changed much either....Can I explain that? NO.

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