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Friday, May 13, 2011

Jewerly storage and projects in snippets

I long for a awe inspiring before and after to share with you. An amazing makeover or redo that is accomplished in a weekend. My life doesn't work like that. I don't have a weekend to spare. If I dedicated a weekend to redoing and making over: what would we eat? who would counsel crying teens and referee television use? who would change diapers and remind people or bedtime? would we drown in dirty clothes? Often it feels like I don't do anything. I don't feel all that needed. But man, oh man, try to step away it quickly becomes clear what I do all day.

A few of my flaws come into play here. I am sooo bad at doing things "for now." Dresser needs painting? Drawers falling out? Don't put it in the garage! We'll use it "for now." Until we get around to it. Thing is that we don't tend to get around to it. I realize that this isn't the best system. But I also realize that if we didn't use that dresser "for now" the way that it is--there wouldn't be a dresser at all. Sometimes that way it is, is the way it is.

When I had all littles I'd stay up late and make things happen. Then my littles got bigger and bigger. Now they want attention in the wee hours and stay up late doing chores. i once again have littles. Two little ones getting up early with two others staying up late and one in the middle needing guidance. I also work all night two nights a week. My "project time" is just not there.

My projects don't have a dramatic before and after but a slow slow evolution.

Today's project for example. Apparently, I have a lot of necklaces. In a few different drawers all tangled together. I had bought a cork board at GoodWill for 90 cents. It sat on my husband's desk for awhile. I think he hated it. I saw a few different variations of hanging necklaces on cork boards. I searched for material and tacks. I made a list to buy tacks. I gave up on material and hung the cork board. Crooked. Pictures? Well you see, My camera has been MIA since Easter. Seems that a younger sibling was doing something cute and a picture was a good idea. MY camera has been missing ever since  :) I borrowed an IPOD and got this:

You get the idea right?

If you're coming here for the best way to do things..I can POINT you in that direction. If you are coming here for Grace and Acceptance and the encouragement that even you can celebrate and have a great life with what you have. That I can deliver. (and I'll be able to find a cool necklace to wear in the process)

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