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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Washcloths by Madelyn

Our 10 year old daughter Madelyn wants lip gloss and silly bands and other silly things. I was raised by two strict people who lived through the depression. I am cheap. beyond cheap. I also dont have money to spend on these things.

I am not crafty. I really like the idea of WAHM. Of "stealing" little snippets of time while babies nap and between drying tears and wiping noses to make small crafts etc to add to the families extra money. Trouble is that I am not crafty.

Madelyn has been in an amazing Girls Club for a few years now and has learned some really neat things: baking, knitting, jump rope, camping, quilling, needlepoint, painting and crochet.

She has been hoarding yarn under her bed. (in a sealed plastic container) It bugged me. I tried to find a good parenting moment here. I found a pattern that seemed easy enough and made some prototypes. She is making washcloths to sell. We talked about 10% going to her Girls Club dues, 20% for tithe and needing to pay for supplies. There is a homeschool craft fair in the Fall and we are preparing for that. Then I got carried away and thought about Etsy. And a logo and business cards and blog giveaways and.....

I also dropped and broke my camera.

Today I tried to get my act together for her and took some pictures with a lame camera and posted to Etsy. There will be matching ribbon tied sets soon, more (hopefuly better pictures) and if money comes in a logo and some giveaways. Maybe some money for lip gloss and silly bands and popscicles from the ice cream man.

Please do take a look. the Washcloths are well made and clean and very scrub worthy:)