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Friday, February 20, 2009

Week in Review

I went to church and didnt fellowship. I nursed my baby, I talked to my two year old, we came home. I feel like I missed the service, the sermon, the fellowship. Although, at one point, I was balancing my hymnal and my toddler and I literally saw a little spark go off in his head he LOUDLY exclaimed "THEY SINGIN TO JESUS!" Yes they are Luke. And I am so thankfuol that we CAN.

My 10 year old son "crossed over" from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. (He was a cub scout for 5 years) There are no pictures--I was up there with him, juggling his two year old and seven month old brothers. His dad ws sick in bed with a fever.

My 8 year old daughter got a haircut. She explained how she wanted her hair cut. The lady did it. THEN my 10 year old son asked me why I let her get a grown up whaat? he then pointed to her and explained it. He was right.

She is also learning to quilt. (not from me)

My 12 year old son was flicking trash at the girls in class. A girl asked him why. He said because the girls don't hit back. To which she replied, "Oh really?" I like her. Im afraid he may too.

We are Valentine's Day cookies and chocolate, and some of us drank alot of coffee out of cool Valenine's day mugs....

I *think* we are finally over this never ending, hang on forever, cold/flu thing.

I finally "got" some money to pay bills and found that I have run out of checks :(

I stayed up until 2:30 am talking to a dear friend whose house is in forecloseure and being auctioned off and checking account is being levied. Too real.

Baby Gabriel went from his infant carrier to a "regular" car seat. We cold NOT get a good picture of this :) I'd blame it on my lame camera but there seems to be more going on :)

He is now pulling himself up on EVERYTHING. My older kids think this is great and take blurry pictures. I am a little freaked out. He's *supposed* to be an infant, ..AND how am I goign to contain this kid?

After sleeping in a trundle, to being on the floor for awhile. My big boys got bunk beds!

I went to a Homeschooling Mom's Night Out. I was encouraged to know that I am not alone and others want to see us prosper. Good reminders.