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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reformation Day

I really really don't like Halloween. I don't want to celebrate it and I don't want to celebrate in reaction to it. I don't have nay traditions to pass down and havent decided exactly what my ideal is...My husband was able to pick up an "extra" shift which is good but made for an extra long day for me:)

I have NEVER carved a pumpkin. My dear friend, Jane, decided to show us how. She got pumpkins for everyone, tons of supplies and made a HUGE pot of chili (and cornbread and honey/butter)

I was all excited for Gabriel, being his first pumpkin carving and all. Then I relaized, with a little help, that it would be a first for me and ALL five of my children.

Nate wasn't too sure about it all. But had a GREAT time once he let himself:)

Erin blew me out of the park with her carving of something profound..IN JAPANESE!!

Luke discovered that if you stuck your head way down in the "pumpkin guts bucket and screamed that IT ECHOED!!

Here is the conspiring that led to an Awesome "G" pumpkin.

Here are the works of the day...they look good...

AND SOOOO good all lit up. Apparently, pumpkin carving is very forgiving.

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