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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Book Review- "From Peanuts to the Pressbox" by Eli Gold

From Peanuts to the Pressbox, by Eli Gold (with M.B. Roberts.)
is a well written, easy to follow memoir of a young boy living out the American dream in the sports industry. The book follows his journey from a young sports fanatic to becoming one of America's top sports broadcaster.

Eli Gold is man's man. He is someone that inspires you to put your faith back into the men of sports. In this memoir he shares a glimpse of his friends, experiences and sports history, revealing that there are other admirable men in this industry worth believing in and routing for. He covers his experience and history of a variety of sports: From minor league hockey to Nascar, from SEC football to the AFL and many others in between

I shared this book with my thirteen year old son who loved it. He enjoyed it's fast paced narrative and history and enjoyed getting acquainted with other sports announcers and athletes. I felt good about sharing this book with my son--we dont share the same obsession and desire for all things manly and sports inspired. I was however searching for a common ground to show him what determination and good character can bring to your life experience.

*I was given From Peanuts to the Pressbox, a memoir by Eli Gold (with M.B. Roberts. from Thomas Nelson publishing from the publisher to review here on my blog. I was not compensated in any other way nor was my opinion swayed.

You can find more reviews or purchase your own copy here:
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