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Friday, September 18, 2009

Under the Weather or Life Ahead, Ellers Down (A Week in Review)

It has been an odd few days. I feel like we haven't done anything but as I'm thinking it through we actually have. Want in on my thought process? Here we go...

Wednesday- We found out about Nates Scleroderma and spent time talking to other people about it and trying to figure out what to do. At first, I kind of liked the idea of there not being a medical treatment. meaning that we could search out and do what we see fit without refusing anything. But Im beginning to wonder if this will be even harder becasue there is no clear path and no way to pay for it and we may blame ourselves for not treating an "untreatable" disease.

Thursday- Was a Boy Scout court of Honor. Both my boy scouts have outgrown their pants and their patches didnt get sewn on. I stapled them on on our way out the door. A new family just moved into town. I have been wanting to meet the wife, she approached me several times and I said the oddest things. She said, "HI. my name is__________we met at the homeschool meeting last week." I looked at her totally empty and blank and said, 'Did I go to that?" Uh, yeah, apparently I did. She is a sweetheart and kept trying. She eventually asked me a question that I gave a long, honest answer too. That would be "me." She and her husband just moved her and JUST had their sixth baby, by C section. They want to have us over for lunch. I'm excited and beating myself up too.

Friday-We "did" art and Science with friends. My son got a much needed haircut.

Saturday-Hubby worked. My older son worked on a freind's Eagle Scout project. We stumbled upon a firefighter fundraiser.

A freind came by with birhtday cake and presents. Cake did not sound good to us (this may be foreshadowing to future events)

Sunday- Church was wonderful. They are praying for Nate and there were no lame comments. I got a "lead" on a naturopath.

Monday- Josh had breakfast with a friend and felt very encouraged. We spent time talking (we never get a chance to do that) By midday, I cried. ALL day. That night, I felt feverish and really uncomfortable. Our property manager came over to say that "we'd" be getting a new roof between 7 and 8 the next morning.

Tuesday- SIck in bed. SIck SIck. made plans to go somehwere to escape hammering. Couldnt get out of bed.

Wednesday- Still not out of bed. Friend made me a huge, beautiful pot of chicken noodle soup. My husband took our children down to find sand crabs, They also had a seal come to shore.

>Dr. called to say that Nate would be seeing an oral surgeon tomrrow morning at 8:30. Say What? I called and rearranged appt. It seems to be VERY important. Hubby reminded me that we dont have dental insurance.

Thursday-Husband back at work. me still in bed. Intersting day. Turns out the garage had nothing but wood with huge spaces and shingles over it. My husband figured this out in the middle and ran back and forth to the garage with sheets and tarps. The contents of our garage are now covered in a few inches of dirt, grunge, sawdust and nails. I got up and tried to clean a path to do laundry.

My nine year old daughter followed me out there. I think she accomplished more than I did. Friend from homeschool group called and wants to feature our family (and this blog) in the homeschool newsletter. She brought me lunch. FUN stuff :) Our Satelite dish no longer works. I tried to troubelshoot for far too long and the sound of my children sent me back to bed.

Friday-I got up to greet the satelite repair man. Made coffee and did school. Took care of medical paperwork and ran errands. Went by Grandmas to have patches sewn on properly. Visited thrift store and Dollar Tree looking for the Family wall vinyl I read about in bloggy land :). Felt tired. Came home and did more and more laundry then dinner. What am I thinking I should be resting!

Saturday-My husband got called in for an "extra" shift. My older boys went to a leadership meeting with boy Scouts. I had trouble getting out of bed. After our house was trashed beyond recognition and my nine year old near tears I strapped my babies into their carseats and headed out to get coffee and go to yard sales. Did I mention that I ran out of coffee? Didn't help my "get up and go" one bit. We came to a yard sale and my three year old convinced me to let him out of his car seat (first mistake) A few weekends ago (near his birthday) I took him to a yard sale with a TON of kids clothes and a TON of toys. Toys were a $1.00 a bag and clothes 25 cents each. While I sorted through clothes I let him fil a shopping bag with toys. He politely asked before each toy and was so grateful. I kept encouraging him to fill the bag. WELL, I created a monster! This yard sale the toys were 50 cents each and it turns out I had $1.50 in my wallet. Maybe that was actually mistake number ONE. So, there I am with this three year old with no concept or money filling his little arms and hands with toys. I am feeling so tired and should be in bed. Oh what fun.

Sunday- Was wonderful. Church was great. A family from church wants to pay for Nate to see a Dr. that they reccomend. Can we do that? After church, we attended a BBQ picnic with our homeschool support group. GREAT PEOPLE with GREAT KIDS. Fun fun.
A few smiling people that I hadn't met before approached me and said that they had read my blog. I stood there dumbstruck. Again, not good with small talk. I said some pretty lame things. Im not sure what I was feeling. Exposed? No. I dont know. Need to work on a nice polite retort in case this happens again :)Any suggestions? Anyone else had that happen and stood there like a deer caught in headlights?

Im feeling like Im getting nothing done and then again feeling like there is way too much going on in this blog post.. And wondering if anything is worth sharing..hmmmm. I hope I can be an encouragement to others feeling the same way. Im not trying to "do it all" or "have it all" or outdo anyone and some weeks I feel pretty beaten up by life. It is my prayer that I can make good decisions about the care and management of our family and sneak some fun and good memories in there too.........

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