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Monday, October 12, 2009

Shoving my foot in my mouth/An opportunity for Grace

People comment here that I am ao "real." I am. To a fault. In the real world it causes so many problems. I had a friendship end recently because I "was just too honest." I didnt say anything bad about my friend but she thought that maybe I had. I am stil crying over that atleast daily. It has been 16 months.

Today I decided to type out a quick message on facebook. I was trying to encourage a friend who had just become a step-mom to adult children. I tried to say that people dont like change and families are werid about people being "added in." I said it very poorly, gave an example from my life and then hit reply all and sent the message to a bunch of people and my sister in law too. I sent my sister in law a message right away trying to explain and sent out a "please disregard previous email." I wnat ot fix this but I think IM just making it worse. I screwed up. I hope I ahvent hurt anyone but I cant take it back once I stupidly let it out there.....

It's cute when this baby does it. Not at all when I do, yet I do. I now feel the need to call everyone and tell them that I screwed up. Why? Isn't that desire to tell to much what got me into this?

I haven't had breakfast or lunch yet and my daughter is waiting to do Math with me. but here I am in tears over the keyboard again.

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