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Monday, October 26, 2009

Got Diapers? Great Deal

Yes. I use cloth but not ALL the time. I was sick last week and in bed. I didnt wash diapers like I meant to and then it rained. BUT I had disposables on hand for just such an occasion:)

I came across this deal today on a great blog and hoped it could bless someone...

Amazon has a great deal right now for Seventh generation diapers using subscribe and save (you can get 4 packs for $23.00)

Go here:

and click on the link to to “Your Coupon Book” (just under the product description). That will take you to some coupons, including one for $4 off. Once you click on that coupon, you’ll be back to choose your size. Pick your size, then select purchase via Subscribe & Save, which will give you free shipping and another 15% off. Then at checkout, apply coupon code 7GENIOO9 for another 15% off.

The end result is diapers to your door for about 40% off (15% coupon + 15% Subscribe & Save + about 10% from your coupon book). Good time to stock up for your little one and rainy days:)

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