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Saturday, January 1, 2011

With God all Things are Possible

Here begins yet another post about how amazing our home is. Not because of my decorating or our amazing hospitality or anything like that. That's not it at all.

Nine years ago we moved into a modest rental with 3 children under 4.  Our landlord was a sweet kind women who was a single mom and didnt do much upkeep on her home. There were mildew problems, there was one plug in the kitchen and only one row of counter and cupbaords on one side of the kitchen. There was one living room and it was small and akward, two small bathrooms that could fit one person if that. I found cancer and had surgery, my husband injured his back and was out of work for three years. God surprised us beyond belief and added two more blessings to our little family. We wnated to move--We searched and searched and no one would even talk to us. If they did they were gone when we told them how much money we made or that we had 5 kids. No luck for us.

Then one day I got turned around and lost and happened upon this amazing home just outside of town.

3,400 square feet, 5 bedrooms, two fireplaces, outside built in BBq and fireplace, two living rooms and a loft...HUGE kitchen with a 4 foot by 7 foot island, eat in kitchen and dining room. I tried to explain to my teenagers that they wouldn't rent to us. They did.
It was a weird situation and before we knew wether we had the house or not  we had to buy a refrigerator and put in notice on our old house. We had to start utilities (electricity required a $750 deposit) The whole time I couldn't decide if I was incredibly blessed or really gullible.
I do my best to explain how amazing this house is. It is very grand and was the model for the area. People believe me but when you walk in you kind of gasp and realize how amazing and grand it really is. I came across a sticker at the Dollar Tree that reads " With God all things are Possible" and thought, if we get this house I want to post this on the wall so that when you gasp you know why. It's God. All Him.
I searched and searched for just the right decal and found the perfect one. found just the right decal. Then it sat there for almost a year while I over thought it.

One night it became now or never and I climbed up on a ladder and got started. It was a lot harder than I thougth it would be. I started to wonder what business I had attempting a craft, especially one that requires patience. I was up there until almost 2am. and this is the result:


This is just before Christmas, hence the trees and teapot and chalkboard...can I leave the trees there year round? I like them:) 

I'm trying to figure out how to photograph the house so you get that gasp. This is an alcove area in the dining room. The vinyl lettering is two foot by three foot. It really is HUGe and you can see it when you first come in the door:)  
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