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Monday, April 16, 2012

Max the Dog

I have a confession: Not a fan of stuffed animals. They are cute, they promote creativity and friendship skills....Don't like them. I have a child with asthma. I make everyone bathe or shower and change their clothes before bed. No stuffed animals. Then I was contacted by Cuddle Covers about these:

See how practical they are? They serve a purpose.
I looked them over some more and really liked Max the Dog

not a very flattering picture but you get the idea, right?

 I was sold when I read that they are fully machine washable and you can use your own pillow. I answered that I'd love to review Max the Dog and forgot all about it.

One day we had people over and a lot going on. UPS brought a package and my 5 and 3 year old proceeded to open it, which is not supposed to happen. Then I heard my 3 year old son squeal, "OOH he's cute" and they ripped him out of his packaging and hugged him, wrestled with him, fought over him and eventually, took turns laying down and napping with him. Who knew a pillow could be so entertaining? That is the whole idea though: this practical pillow wears many many hats and isn't just a pillow. What multi-tasking mom can't appreciate that?

As you ponder my deep thoughts on Cuddle Covers, you should know that right now is a good time to try out your own Cuddle Cover because for a limited time they come with their own mini version.

Rules are there for a reason, but I am glad that we made an exception and gave Max the Dog a chance.

**I was not paid to say anything in particular but was given Max the Dog to review and share my honest opinion (and theirs)