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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello dear friends

Hello Dear friends:

I dont know why it has been so long. I dont want to start every new post with an apology.

This season has been busy and hard. The very things that I am thankful for: my husband, children, big beautiful home, ability to speak up and loudly...those very things that I am thankful for and believe that God has gifted me with. Man, have they been kicking my butt.

I have some reviews to share and some exciting new curicullium tol tell you about." target="_top">
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Some gardening projects in the works.

Many many failings and heartbreak that maybe I can protect you from.

Many of my struggles and growth have been in direct personal relationships. I havent figured out how to share those here.

My daughter is now 13. She went from a little girl with big bows to a young woman using my eye makeup without permission. My oldest will be graduating from highschool this year, is working on his Eagle rank in Boys Scouts. Another son is having severe bowel issues and many trips to the ER for rectal prolapse. What to do? Why is this happening? How do we pay for this?

I'm considering going gluten free. Where do I begin? Anyone want to hold my hand through this and lead us on a blog tutorial?

I have been buying food in bulk and have many handy dandy buckets with gamma lids neatly concealed in my living room. I have been wanting to share them with someone!

I am still here and appreciate your patience. Please dont give up on me, not just yet.