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Friday, July 30, 2010

Frugal Fun-Making Peanut Butter

Many of us are facing hard financial times. I see people doing many of the things that seem familiar to me (From the ages of 6-14 I lived with a woman in her then 70-80's who grew up during the Great Depression) Im tired. I don't have that extended family and support that came with the time, but I could really use the saved pennies so hear I am:)

So what can I do?
You may have seen my post on Laundry Soap--not very enlightening but I am trying here:)

I figured out how much we spend on food a month. Right around $1000. I nearly fell off my chair until I broke down a rough average of 30 days per month (that's between 30 and $40 a day) and 3 meals a day (a little over $10 per meal) for 7 people (now its getting tight and $1000 doesnt sound like so much.) Felt a little better.

We stick by our tried and true favorites and tend to have peanut butter EVERY single day. So that would be a good way to save some pennies and I'm dreaming of adding coconut oil and raw honey in there for fun. I am worried about the qualify of the food processor. That could be a problem.
Have any of you made peanut butter? Do you have any enlightening words and wisdom for me. I bought a Black and Decker Food Processor CHEAP and I found bulk peants. It is an investment of $70.00. Hmm...

We are pretty frugal and green. We use cloth diapers and cloth napkins and rags instead of paper towels (for the most pasrt)But there is more we could do:)

Any other ideas for me?

Im dreaming of a garden and working on getting rid of the gophers in the yard and have started a Vermiculture bin. Thinking about growing potatoes in a trash can or trash bag.

We can't have a clothes line because of our HOA. BUT I did find an incredible scratch and dent gas dryer when our electric one died.

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