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Friday, January 9, 2009

Shoo Gah

Today was a very LOONG day. A good day though. Everyone is in bed except for my bundle of energy two year old. My ten year old son offered to turn off all the lights and lay down and watch a movie with him. Couldnt hurt, right? So, I blog surf.

Now, we arent big junk food eaters around here. My husband asked me the other day why we had white sugar in the house and asked that I remove it. (But then how will I put it on cereal late at night?)

So, here I sit blog surfing and "catching up."

I sneak past my little movie watchers and get a bowl of ceral. I eat and enjoy and blog surf.....two year old wanders off...comes back to ten year old who asks, "are you eating salt?" "NO! SHOOO GAH!" Ten year old runs to the kitchen to find...

NOW. Why don't I have a picture of this? Try to visualize with me!!!

I climbed up above our cupboards and got the 5 pound Tupperware container of sugar. The sugar that wasnt supposed to be there. I lEFT THE LID OFF and left it on the edge of the counter. I would NOT have found it amusing if a child had done this. You are not ALLOWED to forget. To remember is your JOB! We have a toddler in the house! You can't just think of yourself!!

I stood for a while wondering how one cleans up this much sugar and mess. I'm not about to ask my husband's advice. While I am pondering, two year old son is on his knees SHOVELING "shoo gah" into mouth.

Mess is cleaned, toddler is cleaned, kitchen is unstickified.

Hee hee. My husband just came out of bed to go to the bathroom....

"Why is Luke still up?"