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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This could come in REAL handy....
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Deal on Magazines!

I came accross this today:

ONLY $5.00 for a year of This Old House Magazine!!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Balancing Billls and Fun

I am once again forelorn over bills and the lack of money to pay them :( My husband is working hard I am stretching every dollar and beating every penny, but he just doesnt make enough to live on. (Notice I DID NOT say "earn")

We have a birthday every month during Summer (sometimes 2.) This summer is not bringing about huge celebrations but I DID want to do something special. Our babies first birhtday
kind of came and went. A dear friend met us at an amazing park
and brought cupcakes.

Good Good times deserving of thier own for it :)

We traveled to a Farmers Market a few towns over (I had gift certificates) and walked and talked and found our way into a toy store. My husband fell in love with a train table. My toddler cried to leave it. Do you know how much those things are?? Put that out of your mind. Not going to happen. We don't have room, in this house busting out of its seams and the babies don't have a room. No way no how.

SOOOOO....I was wandering around the local GoodWill and under a pile of furniture...

A TRAIN TABLE....... for $7.99.

Sounds like a no brainer huh? But, I didn't have $7.99. Not if I was going to buy food (and gas) for the week with the $45.00 in the bank....I went back and looked at it twice. My husband went and looked at it once. Neither of us wanted to be the one to spend the money and then not have it for food.....and where would we put it? We thought and thought. We thought of amazing and ridiculous ideas....finally:

I had some other great "luck" recently:

brand new for $2.99 (my son has since worn them :)

and this little pretty
Can you see all the distressing and detail? for ninety nine cents?
Yep! 99 cents for this little guy
who LOVES this guy:

CowBoy Dan

I feel so blessed. These finds weren't becasue I am so smart and saavy and they weren't just luck. They were obviously so much more and I dont ever want to take that for granted. I am hoping for a post very soon about a blessing or a celebration that isn't prefaced with my worry and guilt. I want to be both a good steward of all that I've been given AND trusting and in the moment.

You can check out more thrifty fun at :

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Excuse me?

I sold newspapers over the phone. I have solicited donations for many organizations over the phone. I get that people are just doing their job...

So the phone rings..."this is a call about your current credit account, there is no problem with your current account. We are calling to lower your interest rate."
Fine I'll play along. "push 1 to speak to a representative"

Young guy says, "are you calling about lowering your interest rate."

I say "yes"

He says, "do you have at least 3,000 in debt"

I say, kindly, and with a smile: "I need to be taken off your list. I am getting a few of these calls a day."

He says, "Why did you lie?"


you said you called about lowering your interest rate

I AM responding to the call about lowering your interest rate. I need to be taken off your list.

But you said...

I don't answer to you and I need to be taken off the list immediately. (I hung up)

AARGH!!!!!!! I want to be nice. Why can't people respect that! I'm glad that I bit my tongue and wasn't more direct and didn't engage him longer.
There's a glitch in my patience for today. Accusing me of lying? Like I was wasting his time. Them are fighting words

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and the hat goes tooo..................


Rose said...
children? preteens? I want one for myself!! those are precious!!!! pick me pick me!
btw: adorable blog..

June 29, 2009 11:48 AM

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