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Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Deal on Magazines!

I came accross this today:

ONLY $5.00 for a year of This Old House Magazine!!

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Anonymous said...

I know this wasn't your intention...but this post reminded me that I never ordered my Dad his Reader's Digest subscription for this past father's day...ooops!

Jen said...

Thanks for commenting on my daughter's blog! I guess I need to make her own separate blog location, since anyone who comes to check my blog out can access hers.

Aunt Julie said...

SITS sent me by...and I'm having a giveaway where EVERYBODY wins, so please come on down!

Jen said...

I am stopping by from SITS! I read your comment today and hope your hubby's job is secure! Praying for your family during these hard times!


Sandy Toes said...

Hello came over to say "hi" saw you on the SITS feature.

You have some great books...I have read some of those too!

have a great day.
sandy toe