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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boardgames and Family Time (a Morphology Review)

 I always wanted to be a family that got together and played board games each evening. People would drop by to bring us fresh baked goods and come join in the fun. I like the camaraderie and classic feel of board names and welcome the lessons in civility and graciousness they bring.

Then I got married and had a husband who comes home from work tired and we had kids (and I seem to have lost the majority of my brain cells) and we committed to Bible Studies and evening activities. Then we stopped and looked around and our children had lost all the pieces to the board games I'd stocked away and they were at all different developmental stages.

STILL this is something that I really wanted so I worked at it and worked at it and THEN was given the change to review the board game Morphology.

The game itself intrigued me right off. Many games feel like you're playing down to younger ones (Love Chutes and Ladders but I can only play sooo many times) I'm trying to accommodate 7 people: some of us are great artists, some of us not so much. This game held up for all of us with our vast ages, intelligences and life experience. Pretty big shoes to fill.

You can tell a lot about the depth and intellectual appeal of the game when hearing the idea behind its creation:

"The idea for Morphology first emerged during a snowstorm in Minneapolis, MN. Morphology inventor and recent Macalester College graduate Kate Ryan Reiling and two of her friends were stranded in their apartment and decided to play a board game.

They wanted to do something creative (and help their friend learn Spanish) so they opened a Spanish-English dictionary and built words using Jenga® blocks and Pente® pieces. Inspired by how much fun they had and how amazed she was at what they could build, Kate spent the next years prototyping what would soon become Morphology"

I hear that there are plans for a Morphology Jr. in the works--get in on the excitement now.

Definaltey one you want in your game repertoire. And hey, if you are ever in the neighborhood, or state, stop by and join us for a game. We can pull off that hospitality, right?