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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keeping up with Social Media

I hope my post title didnt make you think this would be a post about the merits of keeping off the grid or a warning against the time wasting on Facebook/Twitter/GooglePlus.

NOPE this is an announcement that Having a Hallelujah Good Time is now on Twitter and Google Plus!

I stole some time from our Holiday planning and wrapping and cleaning our garage (you dont want to know ) to watch this video

and used
A Mommy's Blog Design Studio
tutorial and free icons

and Im on board.

Then I played around on Twitter and am joining this party:


Then I read about twitter parties: What one consists of, how to join in the fun and how to host one:.. HERE HERE and HERE. Looks like LOTS of fun!! Right now, Im not even sure I get how to tweet :) But Im a quick learner.


Wont you join me?
I'd love love love for you to follow me on Twitter or Google+. Im just figuring it all out, but maybe we can learn together!

Do you Tweet? What do you use Twitter for? Have you joined or hosted a Twitter Party?

Are you on Google+? Do you prefer it over Facebook?

looking for more followers and joining these parties:

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Its Hump Day!

Facebook Like You Back



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