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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pray for Me?

I wouldn't hesitate at all to ask you to pray for someone else but I feel really strange asking you to pray for me. Why is that?

I had stage 3 malignant melanoma removed from my back in 2002. They sliced a 7 inch line down my back and took out all the flesh to the muscle. (that is my understanding anyway:) All the cancer was removed and my lymph nodes were unaffected.

I now have 3 very sinister moles all around the site. not good on a few different levels. There was a rush put in to have them removed and biopsied. That is being done tomorrow. I don't know when we will receive the results.

I am now cleaning and checking the fluids on my van (nagging my husband to actually) and figuring out school for everyone while I am gone. My husband wanted to go with me but honestly, I need him more here. In the back of my mind I'm wondering if I am going in for surgery again and will be out of commission for another year. Should I be getting school ready for then? Will I refuse chemo-therapy. Will I be open in the recovery room. I'm sacred.

I KNOW that I should worry about nothing and bring all my concerns before Him with thanksgiving. I KNOW that no matter what happens He is still the God of all.

Will you remember me and my family in prayer as we keep those two facts in the forefront of our minds and our hearts focused on Him.
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