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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I have a lot to be thankful for. We all do. Even when life feels bleak and like there isn't much to be thankful for, we are called, In Philippians 4:19, to bring our thanksgiving to God, . I think we miss out on a lot of Joy and Blessings and the fruit of the provisions of Jehovah Jirah because we don't take time to be thankful....

That is one reason why I was so excited that my dear friend over at Monkeys on the Bed is doing Thankful Thursdays

This Thursday...I am thankful for my children. I am thankful that they are easily contented. Sometimes this breaks our hearts. My ten year old son fell head over heels in love with NERF">Nerf guns

These guns are great and VERY inexpensive. My sons came from a yard sale. He made a box for it and wears the ammo..My husband was a little choked up that our son was so excited about a $5.00 gun, and wishes he could give him more. But the thing is that our son is happy.

It has been hot here. We don't have access to a pool. We don't have an above ground pool.
We DO have a sandbox that we have been meaning to fill.......
They didn't seem to notice that it wasn't very deep, and that they didn't actually fit.

My oldest son (12) wanted to take our toddler to McDonalds to play in the toy structure there. I finally gave in. The thing is that the oldest four played and played and played and had SUCH a blast.

I worry sometimes that we won't be able to provide for our children. That financially, we won't be able to give them what they need: Do they need thier own room, 10 pairs of shoes, private lessons catering to every whim, 30 electronic devices, dessert every day? They do have 3 square meals a day, a warm and safe home, constant supervision, an education, time to grow.....I am thankful for each of these things and the lessons they have taught my children.