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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fumigation Evacuation Vacation

My head is once again spinning.

I dont know how much of this is us making things into a bigger deal than they need be or the fact that life is a lot of work.Photobucket

We were told by the fumigation company that we didnt need to move anything out but baby matresses or anything "plasticized" and to put food and anything that goes into the mouth into plastic bags. Then I got thinking about plastic and which plastics are a problem...we moved out baby toys, most toys, and all food. AND we moved out the kids' matresses. We couldn't find anywhere to put our Queen size Photobucket

It took a day to move into the hotel (we brought food for lunch, a swing, stroller, bouncy seat, our blankets and pillows...)PhotobucketI liked our little diaper changing station :)

We had a good time! We spent time together as a family with no school almost no chores and a change of scenery (kind of) It was a nice hotel and we had two adjoining rooms, 4 Queen sized beds and two television sets :) PhotobucketPhotobucket

here is after the maids visited and made the beds with our blankets :)Photobucket

3 biggest boys chose to sleep in one bed. Middle of the night I heard a huge thump. Two yeart old son pushed 12 year old son right out of bed :)Photobucket
They provided a breakfast bar and 24 hour coffee bar :) We ate Chinese food delivered one night and had dinner at dear friends two nights. The last night, we were due to a Bible Study and invited to dinner before hand. We waited in the van for my husband to come down. He came down 35 mintues later to tell me that he couldn't find his wallet. He had turned the room inside out looking for it. I went up and looked some more (I also called our friends to apologize) We finally went. We ate, prayed, and sat down for Bible Study. our 3 month old started to fuss and my husband went to get him. Sitting in the baby's car seat, safe and sound was his wallet :)

My husband told me to wait until he got back from running errands to take the kids swimming. Insinuating I'd need his help. psshaw, why would I need his help? We all got ready for the pool (I even used sun screen and brought sunglasses) I put our infant and two year old in the double stroller and headed down. We stopped by the front desk and the lady commented on how my two year old just let himself out of the stroller. uh yeah. So we walk in the gate, two year old bolts for the pool, gets a running start and cannon balls three feet in. Now, I tend to a hothead loud mouth but he time I could scream my 12 year old had already dove in and gotten him. He was flailing and face down. BUT he thought it was a great time. My 12 year old son was embarassed because, this is sooo something that he would have done.Photobucket

We always seem to have a lot of laundry. Camping generates laundry. Being gone for days generates laundry. We werent home to do said laundry. We grossed ourselves out and wnated towels, sheets, balnkets, etc that went throught the umigation to be relaundered. OH MAN has there been a lot of laundry around here. I thought taking a day to go to the laundrymat but I dont have the cash. It was so much WORK to get moved back in. Literally felt llike we had moved house altogether. In the middle of it all, my overworked daughter laid down on the floor and fell asleep :)Photobucket