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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello! and some Good Deals to share

Hello there all.

We officially started school up yesterday. Christmas is all packed away (and all over the loft) I sat my two littlest down for a Kindergarten lesson and questioned when was too early for a good, stiff drink. Don't fret, I realized that was not a good idea: took some deep deep breathes and made some Christmas clearance coffee:)

My teens slept until lunchtime yesterday and today. I think vacation was too good to us.

My husband hurt his shoulder. Which hurt his neck and back. He's in terrible pain and work is getting harder and harder. Meanwhile, I'm trying to balance overdue bills and figure out a "solution." (sigh)

I did come accross a great deal on a neccessity! Most of us need this and need to buy it consistently but dont always think about it. Did you see the Extreme Cheapskates where the cute little family used reusable toilet paper? I really liked her and read through her blog but now I cant find it to link up...

Man I digress! This is how our day is going:)

Here's the great deal:

clip the coupon at the bottom of the screen and choose subscribe and save (you can change at any time) and you will get...

48 double rolls for $20.50 and not have to remember to buy toilet paper

I was trying to find magazines that I want and had a really hard time THEN I remembered this beaut


now on sale at Tanga for $3.99 (today only)

see Frugal Mind's post

I think my "blogging minute" has passes: There are markers EVERYWHERE and they are now climbing on the dining room table.

God bless!