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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thred Up

When my first son was born, a dear friend at church supplied me with a full wardrobe. I returned the clothes when my son outgrew them and her new son wore them. I have found some magical arrangements like this along my parenting road. Still, they are always gaps. When my daughter was born I scoured yard sales and thrift stores and found some great treasures. When she outgrew them, I sold them. With five children and an ever growing to do list I haven't kept up with clothes swapping like I wished I had. I have often wished for a group of friends who gathered and swapped clothes.

Enter Thred Up.

I pack a USPS Priority Mail box and list its contents. Someone chooses it and pays shipping. I print a label, mail out the box and choose my own.

Right now, they are offering an incentive for joining. Read through the facts page and see if it will work for you. They also offer programs like giving your box choosing credits to a military family

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