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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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Meet my friend Maggie

 I have been meaning to introduce you to a dear friend. I want to show you how she organizes her large family. Share some of her amazing vision. Follow her around and start a whole tutorial series. But that's not going to be the tone today.

Maggie and I are real life friends. I dont just mean that in a "not on the Internet" way. We have lived side by side in the trenches. I can come to her in tears and we can cry together or hold each other up and find a way out. She is how I imagine extended family and having a sister to be.

She has been with me through so much and given he so much of herself. Her hard working husband, who has always worked at least two full time jobs and still managed to be an incredible father to their brood of ten, has lost his job. Actually, he worked for awhile while they didn't pay him. So he worked and worked and his days were taken up and money was spent driving an hour away and back for long long days but there was no money coming in.

You can meet him here: 

Maggie has started a small blog and today shared her heart and the threat of losing their house very very soon. I know this scare and fear and am once again so impressed at how she handles it and has the strength and courage to share it with others. She writes not in a spirit of fear but knowing that God is in control, has a plan and they are safe in his hands. What a lesson to us all.

Their problems seem so huge right now and ones that only God can turn around...but could you stop over and say "hello" on her blog: Maybe say a prayer today for these dear friends of mine? I wish I could do something to turn it all around but right now, I just want these dear family ot know that they are NOT alone and there is someone in their corner: routing and praying. That we can do.